Road Help  | Terms & Conditions

Roadside Assistance Booking, Payment and Cancellation Policy

Booking / Call Out Fee

A booking is made when a call has been received and location details have been given for a technician to be dispatched.  We require that all call out Fees are paid for in full by credit card, debit card, EFT transfer.

Call out fee prices vary depending on your location and the time you call. Call out fees are to be paid in full when a technician is dispatched for roadside assistance to your designated location and are separate from service charges.

Roadside Assistance Cancellation Policy

In the event you choose to cancel a confirmed booking, you have 10 minutes from the time of booking to call us and cancel your booking without charge.  You will be charged a minimum cancellation fee of $50 if you choose to cancel (or fail to notify us of cancellation) once the initial 10 minutes grace period has passed as a technician would have already been dispatched to your location.


We require payment by credit card for all Roadside Assistance requests after 10pm before a technician is dispatched to your designated location. A pre-authorisation of your nominated credit card will be processed to ensure you have sufficient funds available for your service.  Cash payments are not accepted without prior approval.  Business and Personal Cheques are not accepted. 

Where payment has not been made by electronic funds transfer (EFT), Credit Card or other approved payment method has been provided to cover the cost of service after 10pm, Road Help may refuse service at its sole discretion.  Where service has been provided and payment is outstanding, Road Help will open a case against you to close the outstanding amount. 

Response Time

Road Help response time is usually 30 - 50mins depending on your location exact response time will be advices by the technician. We will provide an estimated ETA at the time of booking based on volumetric, location and repair works required.  Road Help take no responsibility for ETA’s which extend beyond the estimated time due to traffic conditions, weather, volume, other reason outside of our control.