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In Australia, BAE has earned a reputation for providing quality German engineered and manufactured batteries for a range of applications. Including Off-Grid Power Systems, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), Emergency backup and Renewable Energy Storage for stand-alone or grid-connected solar systems. With proven performance in the harshest environments around the world.

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BAE Secura OPzV PVV Solar Battery

BAE Soloar Secura PVV batteries do not need to be refilled with water during their service life. Making this battery type a maintenance free battery. This also eliminates checking of electrolyte level. The batteries are used to store electric energy in medium and large solar photovoltaic installations. Due to the robust tubular design, BAE PVV Batteries are excellently suited for highest requirements regarding cycling ability and long lifetime.

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The sun generates energy of 1012 GWh per year. Innovative technology enables BAE Batteries to enhance the use of this tremendous potential. Solar photovoltaic systems gain importance for off-grid energy supply. During the time in which no sun is available, a reliable energy storage is essential.

Stationary GEL BAE Secura battery 8 PVV 1200 1280Ah C100 12v 6 Glasses

Stationary batteries BAE Secura PVV do not need to be refilled throughout their useful life

The Stationary GEL BAE Secura battery 8 PVV 1200 1280Ah C100 12v It consists of 6 glasses of 2 volts each one, constituting a solar accumulator of extraordinary quality. It is advisable to use a load regulator and quality inverters to lengthen the life of the Bae Secura Gel Battery. The BAE Secura 6 PVV batteries are used to store electricity in medium and high-power renewable energy installations. These Stationary Gel Batteries They are an excellent choice for high cyclical requirements for their reloading behavior that give them a more duaradera useful life than the OPzS. NI BAE GEL Solar batteries do not require maintenance or refill during operation or have to check the electrolyte level.

General Features:

  • Positive PLATE: Tubular plate protected with a solid cover of polyester mesh and low antimony content, they provide a solid resistance to corrosion.
  • Negative PLATE: GRID-type plate with a low antimony-content alloy with a long-lasting expandable material.
  • Separation: micro-Porous Separator
  • Electrolyte: sulfuric acid with a density of 1.24 kg/L at 20 OC
  • Container: Grey Color, and high impact resistance
  • Valve: One valve per element, opening pressure of 120 mbar approx.
  • Terminals: Protected at 100% against gas and electrolyte, plastic coating
  • Protection: IP 25 compliant with EN 60529, contact protection according to standard VBG 4
  • Maintenance every 6 months check the voltage of the elements as well as the temperature. Every 12 months check the connections, check the voltage of the elements as well as the temperature.

The Stationary Lithium GEL BAE Secura 8 PVV 1200 1280Ah C100 12v They do not require refilling throughout their useful life so they are completely exempt from maintenance. We won't have to examine the electrolyte level. With a solid design of the plates, these PVV batteries are a great choice for high recycling requirements and long service life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Discharge Depth: Max. 80% (Ue = 1.91 V/elto for discharge periods > 10 H; 1.74 V/Elto for 1 h)
  • Deep discharges of more than 80% must be prevented
  • Charging current: Unlimited, minimum load current must be 5a/100 Ah C10
  • Cyclic load voltage: Restricted between 2.30 v to 2.40 v per element, check the operating instructions.
  • Floating Voltage: 2.23 V/Element
  • Cycles: 3000 compliant to IEC 61427
  • Temperature:-20 °c to 45 ° C
  • Self-discharge: approx. 2% per month at 20 °c

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