When Do I Need to Replace My Car Battery?

Are you held up because of a Dead Battery? Or Your car won't start? A dead battery in the middle of a road can keep you stranded for long hours and it's quite like having a headache.  

Who doesn't Hate Headaches. We all do!

The heart of your car is the battery Like us, the heart is required for the functioning of the body, similarly the battery is an integral part of the car which is required to ignite the engine.  

Now, back to the point how can we identify when it is the right time to replace the car battery? By identifying a few warning signs!

Everything in this world has a lifespan, whether living or non-living things, nothing can last forever.  

Here are a few of the warning signs that will help you conclude, if your car battery has trouble or you need a new car battery 

• Dim Lights- No, your lights are not dim because you are not braking or because you have not washed your car in a while. Lights are dim because they are not getting the power they need to be as bright as they can be. This is a major indication that your car battery will be dead very soon.  

• Bad Smell- Damage to the battery or internal short may cause the battery to leak gas. If you smell rotten eggs while opening the hood, a leaking battery may be the culprit.  

• Cold Cranking- If you hear your car making this sound, do not ignore it. You do not want to put yourself in a position where you cannot drive when you need to. If you have already found yourself in this situation, you need immediate battery assistance.  

• Won't Start Unless You Give It Gas- If you find yourself giving the car some gas to make it start, your battery is probably about to die.  

• Battery Case- The wild climate of the prairies can do a number on the lifespan of your battery.  

• Corroded Connectors- You’ve got a corrosion issue? Corroded terminals —positive and negative metal connections at the top of the battery - can cause voltage issues and trouble to start your vehicle.  

Lifespan Of A Car Battery

We would love our car batteries to last for as long as possible however they cannot last forever.

In fact, it depends entirely on the climate and how well you drive, the state of your charging system, and many other factors as well. You can probably expect your car's battery life to be about six years. On average, a car's battery lasts between 2 to 5 years.

Things You Should Expect From An Expert

We all can face car battery failure at some point in our journey as it is completely unavoidable. Life is unpredictable, and we don't know what is going to happen next. Similarly, we can't fully trust machines as they can stop anytime while driving. But the good news is that it is not always required to replace the battery, sometimes the problem may be fixed with a simple jump-start. The certified technician will arrive and diagnose the battery-related problem with state-of-the-art battery testing techniques and tools. It only takes a few minutes to get a detailed diagnosis of what may be wrong. The technician will go over the results with you, confirming the state of your car battery. It is not always required to replace the battery, sometimes the problem may be fixed with a simple car battery jump-start.  

No worries! Even if your battery needs to be replaced, the technicians can install a premium car battery on the spot so you can get back on your way.  

Road Help- Mobile Car Battery Replacment

In the event you find yourself trapped with a dead battery, contact Road Help and request our mobile car battery roadside assistance. We will send a mobile battery service vehicle equipped to meet your specific needs.  

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