10 Common Car Questions You Are Afraid to Ask

Have something on your mind? Asking the right questions is always the right step. It doesn’t matter if the question is silly or meaningful, ask regardless. Here are some answers to some of the most asked questions that are important but you are afraid to ask. Let's see what they are.

 #1. Why Am I Not Getting A Smooth Driving Experience?  

Your car may not be offering the riding experience that you always wanted. Well, if you want to increase the smoothness, then first you need to know the reason for inefficient riding experience. The common reasons contributing to this issue are related to tyres, suspension, steering and brakes. In addition to these, a cracked or broken engine or transmission mount will also rattle your car.  

#2. How To Make My Car Smell Good?  

Who doesn’t want to maintain a good fragrance in his car? If your car smells bad then you will have a tough time driving the car and no one will want to be your companion on those long drives. The most important thing you can do is to always keep your car clean. Also, there are few other things that you can do to achieve that aromatic fragrance. Let's check out those things -  

• First, hang an air freshener • Apply air freshener eliminating an odour • Spray perfume in the car • Place an unrelated scented candle under the front seat • Place the dryer sheet under the front seat • Vacuum clean the interior • Clean the mats regularly • Spot clean hard stains • Avoid eating inside the car • Avoid smoking inside the car • Run the blower and air-conditioning periodically  

#3. Is waxing a car worth it?  

Of course, yes, the wax will give your car a mirror-like profile and make it shiny. Applying a coat of wax on your car's paint will prevent fading, discolouration and oxidation which are common effects of sun damage.  

#4. When should I replace my car?  

Driving an old car is a smart financial option. But if your vehicle is leaving you stranded several times a month, taking more maintenance, and making you feel stressed, then it's the time to go for a new one because in the long run you are actually paying more for maintaning your car and by the time you decide to sell, the value of your car would have depreciated to the point that owning a old car is actaullay costing you more than a new car. 

#5. The wear on my tyre looks strange. What causes this?  

Uneven tyre wear always seems strange. It is usually caused by improper alignment, over inflation pressure, under inflation pressure, bent wheel or a worn-out suspension.  

#6. What Should I Look For When Buying Tyres?  

When buying tyres, consider the following things:  

• Manufacturing Date • Brand • Fuel economy • Warranty • Noise • Radial • The type of tyre • Rim diameter • Max load rating • Date of manufacture 

 #7. Which One Is Better; Automatic vs. Manual Gear Transmission?  

Both have their own benefits, which makes them both widely preferred. Manual transmission cars give you more control, are less expensive and are suitable for any road. Whereas, the automatic transmission cars are a lot easier to drive, more pleasant to ride and more suitable for urban driving.  

#8. Can Water Affect A Car Battery?  

Never overfill water! While a battery is charging, the density of the electrolyte solution will increase. If too much water was added before charging, the electrolyte level would expand and cause the battery to overflow and damage the battery.  

#9. How Do Weather Conditions Affect The Car?  

Change in the weather conditions may adversely affect your car. The common issues which you may face can be tyre pressure fluctuation, dead battery, leakage, fuel consumption and corrosion. Do not ignore the unusual signs, as these may turn into more adverse issues.  

#10. Does It Make A Difference Where I Buy My Tyres?  

Yes! Buying tyres from an authorised dealer is always prefered, as you can ask question in case of any issues with the newly purchased tyres. It also makes it easier to claim the warranty in the event you have any unexpected issues to soon after your purchase. Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your car so buying cheap tyres is never recommended for the long run.